Ten Great Video Games With Mythological Creatures

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Gamers and storytellers, it’s time to get mythical. Some of the best stories have persisted for hundreds of years and now are used by developers as inspiration to make video games. These ancient tales are a rich source of many spectacular gods, creatures, and heroes. some of them were even used to become a part of the gaming lore involving a mix of interesting history, fantasy and characters. 

Mythology represents legends and creatures from primeval history that ended up as allies or enemies in numerous games. Coupled with an added level of creativity that involves the unique use of these mythological characters, game designers and developers have presented some great titles over the years with a different perspective of these beasts and gods. Here are the ten great video games that drew inspiration from folklore, myths, and legends.

Preponderance of Gods in God Of War

God of War game screenshot - Kratos

The God of War is undoubtedly the most powerful, popular and unforgettable series based on mythology. This video game revolves around Kratos who has murdered almost every god from the Greek realm after the God of War (Ares) tricked him into killing his own family. God of War’s action-focused gameplay explored a ton of Greek mythology, and its latest instalment portrays the Spartan warrior leaving behind the ancient Greece and living a new life with a new family in the Norse realm.

Players will fight Greek behemoths like Gaia and Cronos, mythical creatures like a hydra, troll, and centaur, and gods like Zeus, Athena, Hades. To supplement the storyline, the game features many Greek heroes, titans, Olympian Gods and other legendary beings. If you are a huge fan of action and mythology, we recommend checking out the game where Kratos will fill the streets of Athens with blood.

The Monstrous Creatures in Okami

Okami game screenshot - Amaterasu

Apart from the Norse and Greek mythologies, game designers have looked to Japanese folklore. Titles such as Pokémon, Shin Megami Tensei, etc., attest to the enormous influence of Japanese deities (kami) and monsters (yokai). The video game Okami is not shy of the influence of Japanese Shinto mythology on its narrative. It clearly models the protagonist Amaterasu, the sun goddess, after the kami of the same name appears in the Shinto religion. She will fight many legendary creatures like kitsune, wanyūdō. She appears in the form of a white wolf and she will combat Orochi, an eight-headed dragon demon.

Okami is originally Japanese, and this wonderfully directed adventure features tons of familiar iconography. Its unique graphic style, quirky characters mechanics and story are timeless. 

The Antagonists of Until Dawn

Until Dawn game screenshot - Wendigos

The Wendigos are terrifying beasts or evil spirits from the Algonquian Native American legends. They were humans turned into cannibalistic monsters by a Native American spirit after they consumed the flesh of other human beings due to hunger.

A survival horror video game, Until Dawn, features innovative choice mechanics with a butterfly effect system—meaning players will make lots of choices. Wendigos are the main villains in this unpredictable and dynamically adaptive story. If players go into the game blindly, it is difficult to find these monsters as they are rarely seen unless they decide to pounce. As players begin to collect these wendigos (alias-that thing), the more secrets they will discover about their holy mountain.

The Monsters of Kid Icarus

The Monsters of Kid Icarus - Nettler

Kid Icarus is steeped in Greek mythology; it is bare-bones and pretty tough as compared to today’s standards. Medusa stars as the main antagonist who was locked away in the underworld by Palutena. As she escapes, she imprisons Palutena and turns anybody who gazed upon her into stone.

In this game, players will fight against monsters like Twinbellows-a two-headed hellhound unleashed by Medusa, and Cerberus who guards the gates of Hades, as well as many others. Icarus is inspired by the Greek mythology as the son of the master craftsman Daedalus who died by flying too near the sun.

The Signature Personas of The Persona Series

persona 5 screenshot

As a teen-filled role playing video game, The Persona has undergone massive changes where every new title is a remarkable improvement from the last one. This franchise follows a group of teens doing extraordinary things in a messy hedgehog of various game genres and mythologies.

Each game features hundreds of gods, demons and other mythological beings from Japanese, Greek, Norse and a few other mythologies. For instance, Ann who is a playable character from Persona 5 has Hecate (the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft) as her ultimate persona. Similarly, Lakshmi (the Hindu goddess of beauty, good fortune and love), Shiva (the god of destruction and dance), etc. come from Hindu mythology.

The Mythological Roots of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers game screenshot

This Japanese science fantasy media franchise has been around for 25 years now and contains many elements inspired by history and myths from around the world. In fact, many creatures and monsters recur in Final Fantasy sequels and spin-offs such as the Chocobo created by Ishii that first appeared in Final Fantasy II, and we have seen it in every mainline title of this franchise.

Then there is Flan, Adamantoise, Bomb, Cactuar, and many monsters that routinely appear. Similarly, Odin, Gigalmesh, and Caladbolg from the Norse, Sumerian and Irish mythologies are often recurring, among many others. 

The Norse Mythology Giant in Jotun

 Jotun game screenshot

Jotun is an action-exploration video game that is rooted in the Norse mythology. Although it features weapon attacks and a lot of violence, you won’t see any blood as it is presented cartoonishly. Jotun is a rather less popular title as compared to other video games on our list. It tells the story of Thora, a Norse warrior. She died an inglorious death as her ship sank, and now she has to prove her worth and enter Valhalla by killing Jötunn.

Jötunn is an entity in the Norse mythology that contrasts with Gods, Elves and other creatures. These giants are from the race of the nature spirits also called trolls in later Scandinavian mythology. They are known as devourers who want to drag the civilization back to primeval chaos.

The Monsters of Too Human

Too Human game - Grendel

Too Human, a science fiction, is an action role-playing game that is also based on Norse mythology. The game futuristically retells the Norse myth and portrays the Norse gods as cyber gods-here myth meets mech. The main protagonist is Baldur who will fight Loki-the key antagonist.

The game features various monsters from the Norse mythology Grendel (GRNDL), dark elves, Hel (the goddess of the underworld), trolls and many more.

The Giant and Disturbing Creatures of Skyrim


Skyrim, an action role-playing title, is heavily influenced by Norse mythology, as well. Its main character is the Dragonborn who must defeat Alduin (a.k.a the World-Eater) — a malevolent powerful dragon who destroys the world. The storyline is set after 200 years of Oblivion crisis and occurs in Skyrim province very north of Tamriel.
Players will fight against many monsters of the Norse myth like giants, dragons, trolls, and draugr (undead Nordic warriors of Skyrim) that come in a number of variants.

The Beasts From Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice - Garm

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is inspired by the Celtic culture and Norse folklore and follows a Pict warrior named Senua, who is trying to make her way to Helheim to save the soul of her dead lover from the goddess Hela. She will fight many otherworldly monsters. 

For instance, she will encounter a boss fight with Garmr (or Garm), a grotesque rotting creature that guards Helheim’s halls. She will also fight a Jötunn named Surtr, Fenrir (Hel’s brother) and Valravn (who she must fight in order to open the Helheim’s gate).

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