Best Weapons in Fortnite (March 2019)

Megan Bonnell


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This is all about preference when it comes to favorite anything. Weapons have always been an especially delicate matter to choose; otherwise, we wouldn’t know so many, say, swords by their names. Even if the weapon is virtual, in Fortnite, this personal connection remains.

But what weapons are the best in Fortnite? We decided to rely on Ranker’s rating, based on user experience and formal parameters. Here are its Top 7 weapons to opt for if you haven’t chosen yet. If they disappoint you, just keep searching.

All the weapons below are common (with one exception, but it’s worth wandering around for). For most of them, Epic and Legendary versions can be found, but it’s the basic one to be found the most frequently.

Tactical Shotgun

It’s a perfect weapon for mid-range combats. Its damage rate is enough to make deadly headshots, unless the enemy is protected. With the fastest fire rate, it’s a terrible thing… until you stop to reload it. Then hide for those six seconds! And, when you’re out on looting, pick as many magazines as you can. Though, heh, it applies to all the weapons.

Damage: 67

Fire Rate: 1.5

Reload Time: 6.3

Tactical Submachine Gun

Again, it’s a mid-range combat weapon, but instead of precision, you can just shower the opponents with bullets. Its large magazine holds 35 cartridges, that is, less than 3 seconds of constant fire, but it must be enough to hit. But be sure to have something else, just in case you spend all your bullets too fast. For example, the #1 on our list will be a good companion.

Damage: 18

Fire Rate: 13.0

Reload Time: 2.4

Heavy Shotgun

It’s another builder’s weapon; if you prefer long distance attacks, that’s the thing. But to aim and shoot it effectively, you’ll need to get yourself a good shelter, find it or build it. It’s slower than Tactical Shotgun, but you just don’t need to show up with it. Take your time… and your place. By the way, if you’re a Heavy Shotgun one, land closer to the potential eye, to prepare your ambush for the final battle.

Damage: 73.5

Fire Rate: 1

Reload Time: 5.9

Rocket Launcher

When it comes to explosives, Rocket Launcher is king. If your primary aim is destruction, not killing (or rather destruction and then killing), explosives are irreplaceable. Its long range lets you do the structure damage and then come out shooting. More than that: you can ride a rocket, like Munchausen, to fly a long distance in a blink!

The worst thing about it is not being common. There are Epic and Legendary versions only. Rocket Launcher is the weapon you better not miss.

Damage: 116

Fire Rate: 0.75

Reload Time: 3.42

Structure Damage: 394

Assault Rifle (SCAR)

Though it’s a common weapon, it’s at the same time a versatile great choice, due to its good range and damage rate. Its magazine holds 30 rounds, and it’s precise enough (but mind the recoil!) It’s quite precise at single shots. And probably the best thing about it is its versatility. With it you can pick any weapon of choice, using AR as a replacement for almost any other type. So whatever you prefer as your primary weapon, Assault Rifle (as secondary) is the best.

Damage: 30

Fire Rate: 5.5

Reload Time: 2.3

This review may get obsolete soon, as Fortnite developers rebalance the game constantly, vaulting some of the weapons and changing others.