Half-Life: Alyx Releasing Soon on PC VR

Megan Bonnell


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Taking place between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, the long-awaited prequel Half-Life: Alyx is debuting on March 23 on Steam. Starring Alyx Vance and Dr. Eli Vance, her father and a physicist and researcher, Half-Life: Alyx will not be an episode or a spin-off, but a full-fledged game of the series. The gaming giant Valve has also released three official gameplay clips for the series fans.

This VR-exclusive game will follow the key player of the Half-life 2 game Alyx Vance as she and her father are fighting against the vicious alien Combine forces. As the alien race tries to occupy the Earth brutally, Alyx and Eli are mankind’s only chance for existence. While much has not been revealed about the story, fans can take control of Alyx and use VR to fight and move their way through the familiar game mechanics. The demo videos showcase Alyx as a playable character with lots of immersive VR moments or hand-based interactions such as opening a car door, grabbing grenades or searching buckets for items. It also features classic enemies like Combine soldiers, and barnacles.

The game will resolve lingering issues of Half-life’s previous games and its success will prompt Valve to work on something bigger for the beloved franchise. Half-Life Alyx will retail at $60, but you can play it for free if you own a Valve Index VR headset.