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The Dragon Ball Z series became highly celebrated after the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ. In just a year, Bandai Namco finished the next installment, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, to keep the audience engaged. Kakarot is called to revolutionize the fighting genre by breaking all the walls between locations to let you explore the open world. The action-RPG genre is not new to the series, but Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the first one to be sold for PC.

Kaka… what?

It’s Kakarot. And there’s nothing mysterious about this word. That’s the original name of Goku that was given to him before he moved to Earth. The name Kakarot in the title symbolizes the focus of the game on revealing Goku’s nature and letting you feel what it’s like to be him.

The New Old

Although Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot looks so new and impressive, it copies the narration style of old anime episodes a lot. But the developer knew that it’s the right string to pull to make you feel pleasant nostalgy. The retelling of an older story sticks to the anime in nearly all aspects, except for plenty of original side quests. As a result, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a new look at the classic story of Goku’s life. Get ready to fight iconic villains, collect dragon balls and resurrect Goku’s friends.

The gameplay of Kakarot has changed significantly, though. The new scale of adventure and perfected combat system will provide you a brand new experience. You are free to go anywhere in a special Goku’s manner, which includes flying around like a superman and running at lightning speed. Some vehicles are also available, but only as a temporary way to travel. We recommend you to try flying first. It’s not only the fastest way to traverse the map, but also the stunning one.

Fighting Upgrades

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The improved fighting is based on the mechanics from older chapters, but it feels totally different. CyberConnec2 reworked the combat system to make it more natural and smooth. Besides, the studio transferred battles to the open world. Now you don’t have to wait for rendered locations to load and can start fighting right away as if you played Grand Theft Auto or The Witcher 3.

Combined Genres

Another new feature of the game is the real-time switching between an action-RPG and an over-the-shoulder 3rd-person fighting simulator. Due to exquisite camera work, shifts of perspectives feel natural. Returning to older chapters after such a smooth experience is torturous.

The RPG component lets you explore the open world and take part in a wide range of side quests. Fortunately, the game doesn’t overuse types of missions so that you don’t feel yourself in a Groundhog Day! The dynamic gameplay progression is also a new feature for the series. Goku learns new moves and becomes more skillful along with the story.

In an interview for PCGamer, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot director Hara Ryosuke said that the aim of the new RPG system is to let you sympathize with the protagonist. You can feel what Goku is feeling in every new episode of his life. Such an approach is not new for the genre, but it changes the Dragon Ball Z, reviving the heritage of old Dragon Ball RPGs for PSP and Nintendo DS.

Character Progression

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot went beyond our expectations and presented a character progression tree with 5 different branches. The activities are split into eating foods, searching for Ki Orbs around the world, completing pieces of training, fighting, and organizing communities. The last branch lets you link various characters to gain as much experience as possible.

The progression also hardly relies on exploration as the only way to find the orbs. They play the function of the main currency. This feature seems to be borrowed from classic 3D platformers that have always been incredibly popular since the first 3D Super Mario game.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the creation of CyberConnect2. This studio’s rap sheet is full of successful anime fighting titles, such as the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series and .hack. Both games are easy to learn, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot follows the same idea.

CyberConnect2 is also the studio behind the 2012 hit Asura’s Wrath. This game remains one of the most good-looking anime fightings with a breathtaking screenplay and a bunch of memorable movements. If you know that game, multiply its quality by 3, and you will get Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Toriyama is Back!

If you’re a fan of the franchise, you probably know its creator, Akira Toriyama. The legendary master enjoyed the new game so much that he decided to contribute. He designed an original game-only character named Bonyu, whom you will meet in one of the short sub-quests that are scattered around the map. 

Open-World Limitations

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Well, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot really features an open world, but it’s still divided into areas. However, they became much bigger. To move from one realm to another, you have to complete the story of the first one. This progression type is quite typical, even for the most advanced AAA RPG projects. Due to the excellent verticality and beautiful environment, you won’t have time to get bored.

Don’t Avoid Fishing!

This ordinary activity looks very confusing in the game. It traveled through decades from the 80’s episodes of the Dragon Ball anime. When Goku was a child, he used his Saiyan tail to catch fish. But Goku doesn’t have a tail, does he? For some reason, he has one in his pocket and puts it on his rump to start fishing. Now you know what this all really means!

Can You Try it Already?

As Bandai Namco promised, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was released on January 17, and this date is the same for all platforms and all regions. You can download the game for such major platforms, as Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Unfortunately, a version for Switch wasn’t announced because of the system’s hardware limitations.

Have you tried the new Dragon Ball Z game already? What are your impressions? Share them with us in the comments section below and invite your friends to join the conversation.