Motivational Quotes For Every Blogger To Stay Focused

Motivational Quotes For Every Blogger To Stay Focused

November 2, 2018 0 By Gordon

Let’s begin like it; you are a full-time blogger and making every effort to advertise your blog so that it can reach to number of readers. Now close your eyes and imagine that you have become the most popular blogger, people are asking blogging tips from you, insisting you to read their guest posts and publishing them at your platform.

Hey open up!

Let me confess none of the above actually happened. But just tell me, isn’t it dream of all of us? It must be the best thing that can ever happen to any of us.

This status cannot be achieved without years of hard work and completely dedicating yourself to a specific blog.

There are several things that people say to do to be “A-list blogger” such as researching, reading and interacting with other high profile bloggers but let me quote today few things that motivate me.

I get inspiration from motivational lines, written by other writers in their blogs or found anywhere on internet. You may have not felt but these quotes always have some hidden meanings that lead you to develop your own ideas in the light of these sayings. Put these quotes together and find a new direction for your blog towards success. Let me quote few of them here.

Nothing is Impossible!

You must have read this line hundreds of times and most of us must have used it thousands of time. We use it in routine life like all other phrases without pondering over its meaning. Read out this quote once more, one more time and again one more time.

Aren’t you feeling any difference in your thoughts? It has the most powerful words that can provoke anyone to achieve a status that was impossible before. Remember, it is never difficult to achieve, what others have already done in this world. They have paved a way to reach there and now it is up to you that how you re-discover it.

You worth it!

Another big reason that keeps people away from achieving their goals is lack of self-confidence. People are always scared of starting and even they give up before their first try just because they think they don’t deserve it. Why we should start it when we don’t even have self-worth? It is nothing else than a belief that they can’t do it.

Success comes in your life when you worth it. I mean you can expect things when you strive for them but expecting something without doing anything, just because you worth it, does not justify the statement. Next time, when you will go to formulate your goals, make your success tiers first and tell yourself; you can do it because you worth it.

Fortune favors the brave!

The say speaks for itself.

“Fortune favors the brave”.

If you join this phrase with the earlier ones, it will get you there where you want to.

After making a business plan and laying out strategies; here comes the time when you will have to act upon all these pointers. Take a leap and achieve what you wanted to. Planning all but doing nothing will take you where? Exactly; nowhere!

Once you have done every preparation and all you have to do is: “Act” then, just make it!

Fortune always favors the ones who take bravery steps and pave their own way.