Optimize The Office’s Energy

Optimize The Office’s Energy

November 6, 2018 0 By Gordon

Commercial buildings consume incredible amounts of energy nationwide. There are many ways to make an office more energy efficient while also saving money.

The first way to optimize the office’s energy efficiency is to use smart lighting. If your building has large windows, take advantage of the natural sunlight to illuminate the building’s interior. A sunny day can eliminate the need for bright energy wasting overhead lights. Turn off the lights as often as possible. You can also use energy efficient light bulbs. Although LED can be expensive, they last longer than typical bulbs. They also reduce the amount of heat build-up in the office.

Another way to make an office more energy efficient is to use energy saving materials. This can be difficult without consulting with the property manager, but it is probably the best way to optimize efficiency. Replace windows with double glazed windows. These roofing contractors explain that these types of windows have an insulated layer that still allow natural sunlight to pour through but hold heat better than standard glass. Another way to increase efficiency through materials is to install green roofing. Solar panels are the best option when looking to reduce energy but there are alternatives as well. Metal roofs are another great option. Metal roofs reflect the heat of the sun, keeping the interior of the building cool.

The easiest way to decrease energy consumption is power management. Computers suck power throughout the day. Provide employees with laptops if possible. Laptops use much less energy than desktops. Have your employees unplug their devices at the end of each day to prevent energy use overnight.

There are many resources for reducing energy waste in your office building. Consult with others in the building as well as the property manager to decide the best solution for making energy improvements.