Top Money Making Networks That We Often Ignore

Top Money Making Networks That We Often Ignore

November 15, 2018 0 By Gordon

We often ignore many money-making websites and CPC, CPA and Affiliate networks to focus on only few. We also know about them, but hardly use them to monetize the blogs.

It is normal for every webmaster because if you ask me how would you monetize your blogs? I would say I might use Adsense, Amazon, clickbank, Chitika, CJ, or maybe few others.

I have shortlisted the top advertising websites in terms of traffic rated by Quantcast. Yes, Quantcast data might not be 100% accurate, but give us valuable insights.

Using these advertising networks to monetize your blogs and websites will help you generate the extra income stream.


According to Quantcast, adblade have 198.3 Million visitors per month. This may change or may not be accurate, but there is huge traffic Adblade receiving. However, Adblade has tough evaluation criteria for publishers. If you are getting less than 500,000 page view per month, then you are not qualified.

It is one of the biggest PPC websites in terms of traffic. So, there are many advertisers using Adblade. You can generate extra income signing up for a publisher account.


Kontera is relatively famous among publishers because your application is approved easily as compared to Adblade. Furthermore, you can use different CMS plugins like Kontera WordPress Plugin.

According to Quantcast, Kontera is receiving 72.1 million visitors per month. You can easily sign-up to start monetizing your blogs and websites.

Click Booth

Clickbooth offers unique CPA, CPC and CB options and helps you choose which one is best for your website. According to Quantcast, click booth receives 50.7 million visitors per month.

You can sign up as a publisher with hassle-free approval as a publisher. Click Booth offer high pay outs when you sign up for CPA offers.


Peerfly is a unique affiliate network having 694.9k visitors per month. Recently, many webmasters have signed up to Peerfly. Another advantage is that Peerfly is BBB accredited with A- rating.

Adscend Media

Adscend media is a good CPA network offering multiple revenue generating opportunities. It has 269.2k visitors per month. It has unique virtual rewards option, which allows publishers to monetize digital goods, services and perks.

Things to Remember

There are many other good networks that you can use, but it depends on how you monetize your website. If you are getting not enough traffic, then it is useless to use even the high paying or top CPA or CPC network.

Key To Success!

You need to create compelling content that generates targeted audience i.e If I am writing about CPC Networks, CPA Networks and Affiliate Networks, then I should get all the people who are looking to advertise on these networks or looking for publisher solutions.

When you are using any of these networks or even Google Adsense, try to use the topics relevant to content.

How do you monetize?

I would like to hear your success stories with CPA, CPC and Affiliate networks.